PFN Values


PFN’s organizational culture is motivation-driven. Being motivated means we are serious about the output of our work.
It also means teamwork, because everybody in PFN wants to contribute in one way or another.
This culture is the key to enable an extremely flat, flexible, and high-performance organization.

Learn or Die

Everybody at PFN strives to learn. We are in a very high-velocity industry – learning is the only way to continuously adapt and remain cutting edge.
We do not stick to one idea, one technology, or one domain. Software engineers at PFN are willing to take challenges on hardware, hardware researchers are happy to switch their fields to HCI design, and so on.
This results in a truly learning organization with a diverse background.

Proud, but Humble

At the core, PFN is a technology company. We keep challenging ourselves, and to do so we attract the best people. At the same time, we understand that we cannot do everything by ourselves.
We know there are things that we do not know (“known unknowns”) and respect diverse ideas from diverse people.

Boldly do what no one has done before

With our technology, PFN will change the world – by providing new software and hardware, by creating new services and transforming businesses, and by making new markets – for the better future.
Our role in the society here is that PFN does do things that only PFN can do. It is the raison d’être of PFN.

Obviously, these are not the only things we value – there are other fundamental norms that we must follow as a good citizen of the society, such as following our conscience and common sense (e.g., not lying), fulfilling the company’s basic roles (e.g. helping our customers’ success), etc. We are all aware of them, but these four PFN Values are what make us different. We are proud of them.


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