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Preferred Networks Inc. (PFN) is launching an education business to foster world-class talent in computer science, as deep learning and other artificial intelligence technologies are expected to become increasingly prevalent in the near future.


Playgram™ programming education app for children

Playgram is a programming education app developed by PFN’s software engineers who are at the forefront of artificial intelligence technologies. The app will be introduced to selected schools operated by Yaruki Switch Group in Japan with classroom and online options available, beginning August 2020.

  1. 1.Bridges the gap between visual and text-based coding
    Children can learn how to program step by step at their own pace, starting from block-based visual programming, then moving on to typing and text-based coding using Python.

  2. 2.Rich 3D interface that inspires creativity
    By moving robots and flying a character in the sky in a video game-like 3D world, children can enjoy using programming to solve problems while enhancing creativity and spatial reasoning.

  3. 3.Adaptive learning system and user-friendly tutorials
    Playgram analyzes learning data to identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses, visualizes the progress and personalizes the learning experience, which helps teachers and parents give instructions even without programming knowledge.

For elenetary school children:
Learning Material for Automation Technologies and Their Impact

As one of the companies supporting the Japanese government’s programming education initiative, PFN provided teaching materials for elementary school children on the basics of deep learning. PFN developed educational videos introducing the latest technologies, hands-on material that translates hypothetical hand-written Martian language using deep learning, and slides that trigger children to think about the impact of automation technologies on society. The materials were used in 33 schools in Japan in the 2019 academic year.

For undergraduate students and up:
Introduction to Deep Learning / Chainer Tutorial

PFN published free online material for undergraduate students and above to learn about deep learning. The material covers a range of subjects including the basics of mathematics, probability and statistics, the Python programming language, the theory of machine learning and deep learning, as well as how to implement them in code.

For high school, technical school and undergraduate students:
Deep Learning with Chainer and Robots

Available online for free, the workshop material instructs undergraduate and technical college students on how to train robots using Raspberry Pi and control LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3.

Online Medical AI Course Certified by Japanese Association for Medical Artificial Intelligence

The free online material allows undergraduate and graduate students as well as medical professionals to learn the basics of artificial intelligence technologies for medical purposes.

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