Who We Are

We develop practical applications of
cutting-edge technologies.

Preferred Networks (PFN) rapidly realizes practical applications of deep learning and other emerging technologies
in order to solve real-world problems that are difficult to address with existing technologies.


Making the real world computable.
With our innovative and essential technologies,
we venture into the unknown.

We make cars, robots, and other devices more intelligent by fusing software and hardware in a sophisticated manner.
By making devices intelligent enough to adapt to continuously changing environments and conditions,
our world becomes computable through real-time sensing of the physical world.

We do not compete in familiar territory, but rather take on ambitious technological challenges.
By leveraging the latest technologies, we want to advance the frontiers of knowledge and discover the world of the future.


Contributing to the world with technologies that only PFN can realize

Deep learning is a powerful and flexible solution for dealing with complicated phenomena or dynamic environments that are difficult to handle with conventional rule-based programming.

PFN’s strength is to combine a profound knowledge of deep learning together with expertise in various other fields to develop state-of-the-art technologies.

We have been engaged in challenges beyond boundaries ― from developing the core deep learning framework Chainer, to building large-scale compute clusters, to exploring a wide variety of domains (including robotics, life science, and others) ― with the aim of contributing to the world with technologies that only PFN can realize.

PFN is engaged in a variety of projects

ProjectInnovation in manufacturing

PFN has been collaborating with FANUC to make intelligent industrial robots and machine tools since 2015, and with JXTG to optimize and automate large-scale oil refineries since 2019. By combining Japanese manufacturers’ high level of expertise and PFN’s deep learning and other cutting-edge technologies, we have the potential to achieve significant improvements in productivity and to develop innovative new products. PFN is determined to drive innovation in various manufacturing industries.

ProjectInnovation in transportation systems

PFN has been conducting joint research and development with Toyota on object recognition, vehicle information analysis, and other technologies for the development of autonomous driving and connected cars since 2014.

ProjectCancer diagnosis through blood testing

PFN is conducting joint research with PFDeNA Inc., a joint venture between PFN and DeNA Co., to develop a deep learning-based, high-precision system that can detect cancers from a small amount of blood. Through early cancer detection, PFN will contribute to efforts to increase cancer screening rates in Japan, decrease the mortality rate, reduce medical costs, and extend healthy life expectancy.

ProjectCore deep learning technology Chainer

Chainer was released as open source software in 2015 and is known as a pioneer of flexible and intuitive deep learning frameworks, based on the Eager execution. Chainer has since been used by leading researchers and practitioners for R&D and continues to be actively developed.
As part of its efforts to provide learning support and promote the spread of deep learning technology, PFN has released a free online deep learning guide tailored for beginners, entitled “An Introduction to Deep Learning: Chainer Tutorial.”

ProjectFully autonomous tidying up robot system

PFN is engaged in research and development of personal robots to create a society where robots can play active roles in our daily lives. For CEATEC Japan 2018, PFN applied the latest deep learning technologies to HSRs (Human Support Robots) developed by Toyota Motor Corp. and demonstrated how these robots could clean up a room by grasping and placing objects, as well as planning how to move all by themselves.


Deep learning is new information technology and has the potential to bring about technological innovation in all industries. PFN collaborates with world-leading corporations and organizations to drive innovation in a wide range of fields.

  • Transportation

  • Manufacturing

  • Bio & Healthcare

  • Personal Robot

New business area

  • Sports Analytics

  • Creative

  • Education

  • Energy


Taking on socially impactful, technically engaging challenges

The virtual world on the internet has greatly advanced thanks to technology. Technological evolution, however, has yet to occur in quite a few parts of the real world, leaving humans to perform dangerous or inefficient work. This is mainly due to the fact that dynamic environments in the real world have been difficult to handle with existing technologies.

PFN’s strength is machine learning and deep learning technologies, which have the potential to make an impact on the real world by flexibly dealing with these uncertainties. For example, historically robots are only good at performing simple and repetitive tasks. By applying deep learning technology and giving them the ability to flexibly make decisions like humans do, we can enable them to handle even complex tasks.

We believe we can make an impact on the world by studying cutting-edge technologies and researching areas where we can achieve a breakthrough by applying technology. To make this happen, PFN is recruiting talented people with diverse technical backgrounds.

Rapidly realizing practical applications of cutting-edge technologies

Learn or Die is one of PFN’s values. Being a leading-edge technology company requires each member to keep learning and improving. It is essential to learn from each other and acquire new skills and knowledge.

Establishing scalable businesses is also important. By steadily making profits, we can accelerate our R&D activities and deliver technological benefits to as many people as possible.

We rapidly realize practical applications of cutting-edge technologies. In the same way that the computer has completely changed our lives and industries, we aspire to create the next revolutionary technologies that will change the world.


Preferred Networks is a young, yet rapidly growing company.

As PFN members, what should we do and not do?
Who are we and what do we consider important?

To answer these questions, we came up with the following four statements as our code of conduct, or PFN Values.
PFN Values are what make us different and we are very proud of them.

PFN Values

  • Motivation-Driven

  • Learn or Die

  • Proud, but Humble

  • Boldly do what
    no one has done before


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