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R&D partnership deal with NVIDIA


PFN and NVIDIA agreed on a partnership deal in research and development of deep learning technologies which are used to optimize various industry applications.

PFN owns leading edge technologies in distributed machine learning, focusing on deep learning, in the areas of industrial robotics, autonomous driving and drug discovery, and is leading the transformation of these industries. These technologies require high-performance data processing capabilities.
NVIDIA has been and will be providing high performance computing technologies accelerated by GPUs and advanced software solutions, in order for data scientists and researchers to maximize their uses of deep learning technologies.

PFN has been using NVIDIA’s GPUs for its research and development activities in deep learning. Chainer, an Open-Source Software developed by PFN, uses GPUs to accelerate computing in deep learning modeling processes.
It is necessary to process data on edge devices as well as in the cloud to utilize deep learning technologies in industry segments such as IoT. GPUs play an important role for these edge devices to become more intelligent. We believe this partnership will accelerate the industry trends toward the edge optimization.


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