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Preferred Networks Executive Appointments


Preferred Networks (hereinafter referred to as PFN) introduces corporate officers and a PFN Fellow system as part of its new initiative to research and develop various technical elements in a wide range of areas and drive its expanded business forward.

The introduction of the new system is aimed at enhancing PFN corporate culture by providing more growth opportunities for younger generations, supported by experienced staff, as well as enabling it to make swift decisions and act quickly while maintaining the flat hierarchy in its rapidly growing organization as much as possible. In addition, an employee who is highly respected by people both inside and outside the company for his/her significant contribution to research for many years can be appointed as a PFN Fellow.  

Through the proper delegation and transfer of responsibilities, PFN will continue to move forward with its efforts to further grow as a team and become a sustainable organization where each individual plays a responsible role in business and research and builds relationships of trust with each other.



Toru Nishikawa, Representative Director & President

Daisuke Okanohara, Representative Director & Executive Vice President

Ryosuke Okuta, Director


Corporate Officers

Takuya Akiba

Daisuke Okanohara

Ryosuke Okuta

Masakazu Takahashi

Toru Nishikawa

Junichi Hasegawa

Kiyoshi Yamamoto


PFN Fellow

Hiroshi Maruyama


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