Notice Regarding Title Changes


Preferred Networks (PFN) has changed the titles of the three executives listed below, effective December 21, 2021. 

Daisuke Okanohara
New title: Chief Executive Researcher
Former title: Chief Operating Officer

Kiyoshi Yamamoto
New title: Chief Operating Officer
Former title: Chief Financial Officer

Susumu Ishiyama
New title: Chief Financial Officer
Former title: Corporate Officer, Finance and Corporate Planning

The co-founders Toru Nishikawa and Daisuke Okanohara will continue making critical decisions for the PFN group, including its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, to reach its future goals. Daisuke Okanohara has been appointed Chief Executive Researcher, a new position that PFN created to strengthen its research and development capabilities as the company’s driving force as well as to incubate new businesses. Consequently, former Chief Financial Officer Kiyoshi Yamamoto has been appointed Chief Operating Officer, a position formerly held by Daisuke Okanohara, and Susumu Ishiyama has become the new Chief Financial Officer.


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