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PFN Launches “Omega Crafter” Video Game on Steam Today

Automation-focused open-world survival adventure debuting on Steam Early Access


TOKYO — March 29, 2024 Omega Crafter™, the open-world survival crafting game developed by Preferred Networks, Inc. (PFN), launched today on the PC game distribution platform Steam. The Early Access launch allows eager supporters to play and provide feedback to help PFN create the best game possible.

Designed by a small team within PFN, Omega Crafter puts the player in the role of a game developer whose game is under attack by an unknown program that is causing havoc to its development. The player dives into the game’s vast multi-biome universe solo or with up to five friends to discover and eliminate monsters sent by the malicious program, build in-game assets, and put the game development back on track.

Omega Crafter is characterized by programmable sidekicks called Grammi with which the player can automate the tasks needed to progress through the game, such as resource gathering, farming, item crafting, and city building. Thanks to the easy drag-and-drop coding interface with everyday phrases such as “pick up__”, “attack__” and “loop”, gamers of all skill levels can experience the fun and fulfilling aspects of automation, even without previous coding experience.

Omega Crafter was born out of PFN’s continuous effort to promote the fun and convenience of automation and programming to a broad range of audience. As a technology company primarily focused on software and hardware for AI solutions, PFN is also offering its award-winning programming education app Playgram™ to private tutoring schools nationwide in Japan. Omega Crafter was developed by PFN’s small in-house team consisting mostly of engineers with the belief that automation is the best part of open-world survival craft games.

Omega Crafter is now available in Early Access on PC via Steam for 24.99 U.S. dollars or 2,800 yen with a special 10% discount during the first week. It will support English, Japanese, French, German, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, with machine-translated options in Spanish, Thai and Portuguese. For more information and developer updates, follow the Steam page.


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