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PFN Establishes Autonomous Mobile Robot Subsidiary Preferred Robotics

New subsidiary to raise 2 billion yen from Amano Corporation


TOKYO, November 26, 2021 – Preferred Networks, Inc. (PFN) announced today that it established Preferred Robotics, Inc. (PFRobotics), a new PFN subsidiary specialized in research, development, production and sales of autonomous mobile robots, through a company split on November 1, 2021. PFRobotics plans to raise 2 billion yen by issuing new common shares and allotting them to Amano Corporation (Amano).

PFN established PFRobotics, which is staffed by robot specialists, to swiftly launch a robot business and move forward with its “Robots for Everyone” vision. By setting up PFRobotics as an independent entity, PFN intends to facilitate the leadership team to make quick decisions to: build an optimal team for each business stage, team up with relevant partners, flexibly raise funds, and accelerate commercialization.

With the funds raised from Amano, PFRobotics plans to bolster its financial foundation, recruit high-quality talents, and invest in development and production of robots. Through the new partnership with Amano, PFRobotics intends to leverage Amano’s customer base, sales networks and customer support capabilities to prepare for its product launches while collaborating with Amano’s existing business unit to co-develop a new robotic cleaner. PFRobotics is also developing its own autonomous mobile robots in a variety of categories, and plans to launch its own product next year.

The parent company PFN will continue developing fundamental technologies for robots and operating related businesses with existing partners. PFN will also closely collaborate with PFRobotics to deliver robots that will play active roles in various industries and people’s lives in the future.

“Preferred Robotics will make the maximum use of PFN’s robot-related technologies to develop, produce and sell robots that are useful,” said Toru Isobe, CEO of PFRobotics. “With our new partner Amano, all of us at PFRobotics are committed to moving forward with the vision we share with PFN: Robots for Everyone.”

Preferred Robotics, Inc.

Established: November 1, 2021
Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
CEO: Toru Isobe
Business: Research, development, production and sales of autonomous mobile robots
Paid-in capital: 100 million yen

Toru Isobe Biography

Toru Isobe joined Preferred Networks (PFN) in 2019 to lead business development and engineering in robot projects. Prior to joining PFN, he was engaged in the development of vacuum robots for transferring liquid crystal glass substrates at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and later Toyota Human Support Robot (HSR) at Toyota Motor. Isobe obtained his Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering in 2003 from Kyoto University where he studied robotics in the Tsuneo Yoshikawa lab.


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